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Discussion on: Create Chaos In Your Company Today, No I am Serious!

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Adam McKenna

Hey there,

Some good points in this article, no doubt. I like the more abstract concept of intentionally putting your system in less-than-ideal circumstances, observing the outcomes and acting accordingly. It could help to deliver a really robust system.

I do think, though, that this post is very heavily aimed towards people who work in CI/CD or DevOps. As a web developer, there are many chaotic situations that I could intentionally trigger, but would be unable to resolve. Sometimes, the solution lies with a third party or is restricted by technology.

I think we need to take these principles, but keep them flexible and configure them to match a given discipline.

All in all - great article 😊

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Joe Hobot Author • Edited

True, this was more from DevOps prospective, however you could/can work along the DevOps (if you don't have own full access dev env) in where you could observe as to what happens if you shut off network , stop access to database, provide wrong username, dependencies on other apps and such.

When I do things like one above, I work with Devs because they help me provide better insights into app and or logs. So that Noc has a notification at least that an app restarted and healed it self by running script xyz that also restarted dependencies..

Thank you for commenting, much appreciated thoughts from different prospective..

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