VSCode: Using Black to automatically format Python

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Black is "the uncompromising Python code formatter." It can be configured to automatically format your code whenever you save a file in VSCode.

Install Black in your virtual environment:

$ pip install black

Install Microsoft's Python extension in VSCode:

Microsoft's Python extension in VSCode

Open your VSCode settings, by going 'Code -> Preferences -> Settings'.

Search for "python formatting provider" and select "black" from the dropdown menu:

The VSCode settings interface for the "python formatting provider" options

In the settings, search for "format on save" and enable the "Editor: Format on Save" option:
The VSCode settings interface for the "format on save" option

Black will now format your code whenever you save a *.py file.

Before saving:
Code before formatting

After saving:
Code after formatting

More: How to set Black line lengths in VSCode

Images from VSCode using Hyper Term Theme.

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I generally need to pass in the black path as well. This might be compatibility issues with wsl.

pipx install black


  "python.formatting.provider": "black",
  "python.formatting.blackPath": "/home/<user>/.local/bin/black",