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Clean up k8s/Rancher

Adam K Dean
Blockchain Lead. Hacker. Founder. Amateur Radio, and all things engineering.
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This script is mostly for myself in the future. While playing around with Kubernetes and Rancher, machines become polluted with directories in /var, /etc, and /opt. Pollution is bad. This script will remove those as well as wiping down a system.

Warning: this contains a system prune, and removes everything.

# Clean up k8s/rancher
# (Run as root or rm -rf will fail)

docker ps -qa | xargs docker rm -f
docker system prune

cleanupdirs="/var/lib/etcd /etc/kubernetes /etc/cni /opt/cni /var/lib/cni /var/run/calico"
for dir in $cleanupdirs; do
  echo "Removing $dir"
  rm -rf $dir
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