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adamkdean profile image Adam K Dean ・1 min read

One thing that strikes me about blogger, or the many bloggers that use it, is that I've never come across a blog that hasn't used the default blogger favicon. Now some people might not care too much, how important can a little 16x16 icon really be?

Well if you're like me, pretty important. I use Chrome, in fact I live by Chrome, and my bookmarks bar is simply a big list of icons. No text, just icons. So when I have a list of favourite blogs, I have to start guessing at which is which.

A few things are hard to hack in blogger, but luckily the favicon isn't. Simple put this slightly modified line below the title tag, and you're all set. I've never had to use the type="image/" before but, it seems to do the trick for blogger!

<link href="" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/"></link>
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...and tada! You're now helping make the world of icon bookmarkers a happier place!

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Robiabo • Edited

Hello, can you please help me with this issue:-