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Best tools for Mastodon in 2023

Here are the best tools for Mastodon I have found and personally used.

Finding Servers

Following Accounts

  • Followgraph: Find awesome people on Mastodon by looking up who you follow on and surfacing who they follow. It expands your connection graph based on who you are already connected to. Made by @gabipurcaru.

Timeline Summaries

  • fediview: Aggregate the most popular posts from your timelines to get a personalized view of posts. Made by @adamghill.
  • Feedseer: See the most popular links that have appeared in your Mastodon feed over the past day.

Web Clients

Because Mastodon has a robust API anyone can create a different interface for browsing your network.

  • Elk: A web-only interface for Mastodon that feels very similar to Twitter.
  • tooty: An experimental multi-account Mastodon web client that is all client-side (no server needed!).
  • Phanpy: A minimalist, opinionated Mastodon web client. Made by @cheeaun.
  • Cuckoo: A GooglePlus-Like third-party web client for mastodon.
  • feditrends: Aggregates what is trending across the fediverse.
  • Pinafore: An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity. Made by @nolan, but unmaintained.

Desktop Clients

  • Whalebird: Slack-like UI for browsing Mastodon.
  • Sengi: A multi-account Mastodon desktop client.
  • Elk Native: Still alpha, but a super slick desktop client from the same folks that build the web Elk client.

Other Networks

These social networks bring something unique to your social network by focusing on a particular niche. They all integrate with Mastodon because they all use the same ActivityPub protocol.

  • BookWyrm: A social network for tracking reading, talking about books, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next. Made by @tripofmice.
  • Pixeled: A network to explore and share beautiful photos and videos.
  • PeerTube: PeerTube is a tool for sharing online videos.

Technical Tools

For a longer list of (more technical) tools for Mastodon I have found this awesome-mastodon fork by hueyy to be the most up-to-date.

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