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Discussion on: Long time tech folks, what's your story?

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AdamDSherman • Edited

How long have you been in tech?
Been in Web Dev/Designer for 11 years.

What are you doing now?
Right now I'm working for a small studio specialising in e-commerce.

How has tech changed since you started?
I'd say Web has changed from "coding" to "programming". When I was at university web development was a creative industries degree, alongside graphic design and mulitmedia. Now I think its a computer science faculty degree.

If you could change tech today, what would you do?
Better documentation, better tutorials, less dependencies and assumption of prior knowledge.

What are some negatives and positives of the current tech landscape?


  • In some cases it feels like the industry standard is way too overcomplicated for what the project needs.
  • Getting help online is harder. Sites like Stackoverflow have become way less friendly.
  • There is way, way, way to much to learn and so little time. Web development as am industry should be fragmented and specialised more. Being a "full stack" developer today and covering so many bases and languages is really hard - I'd rather be really good in one particular area, then be just scraping by in all areas.
  • Personally, I found pivoting to big, programmatic JS libraries, like React, incredibly difficult.


  • Automation is great!
  • Plenty of ways to skin a cat.
  • Browser issues are no longer issues.
  • Heaps and heaps of handy tools.
  • Lots of decent tutorials out there.

What advice do you have to give to others?
Really try to figure out your work/life balance. Web requires you to always learn new things. Pace yourself and set aside time to do it. Don't spend 14hrs a day in front of a screen. You'll burn out.