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Adam Cameron Drummond
Adam Cameron Drummond

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My experience at Local Hack Day: Build

How I started

I entered Local Hack Day as my first hackathon not really knowing much about hackathons - or any of the people from MLH. APIs scared me and I had no idea what Node, Flask, JSON or ZEN was. All I had was my passion to learn and meet new people.

What happened over the week

As the week started I was active on all the socials about MLH and watched the majority of the Twitch streams, being active in the comments and on the Discord. Over this time I have met new contacts and continue to recognise the same names in the chat over multiple streams, and have also taken every opportunity to show off my skills or projects using Twitch, StreamYard (in with the presenters) and YouTube.

The Addiction to Chrome Dino

Since the stream from Jacklyn on Day 2, I have made it my mission to get as many of the MLHers to undertake a live on-stream Chrome Dino game attempt. So far I have had Jack, Chris B and Mara attempt it, each getting scores of 583, 3337 and 469 respectively. I plan to continue this for the rest of the event.

How my Love for BLAHAJ has Developed Over the Week

At the start of the week I had never met BLAHAJ or any of the counterparts. I now know and have lots of love for BLAHAJ and really want one of my own... LHD: Build really leaves a lasting impact.

What I am leaving Local Hack Day: Build with

I am leaving this hackathon with a plethora of new skills and connections. Whilst I still may be scared of APIs, I do at least feel like I know a little bit more about them. My main takeaway from LHD: Build is that I now know how to use GitHub! I feel like I have really learned something with this, and that is quite down to Will's stream on Day 3. Furthermore, I sort of know how to use React and Bootstrap applications thanks to Jack's stream on Day 4.

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