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Maximize the Beauty of Your Resume #1 Pro Tip

Struggling with formatting your resume using Google Docs? Are the bullets different sizes? Are you using google docs to create your resume?

Here is the #1 Pro Tip to optimizing Bullets in your resume!

1 Pro tip is standout by using big BULLETS.

After reading these three tips you should be able to create two different sized bullets in your resume.

  1. Find the formatting drop down menu for bullets.
    If you are like me you usually just press enter to create a bullet or try to copy and paste another bulleted point. This works if you already have smaller bullets, but doesn't work for the larger ALPHA bullets.

  2. Delete the smaller bullet and make sure the cursor is all the way to the left.
    When you position the cursor at this point you are setting up the document to insert larger bullets.
    *Note: If you have text already it will be left of the other bullets.

  3. Use the drop down menu to choose the format that starts with bullets.

It looks like this:

Image description

Just pop one of those bad boys in and you are ready to go.

What's great is that subsequent bullets will be the Alpha Big Big Bullets.

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