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Adam Abundis
Adam Abundis

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Allow me to introduce myself...

Updated 12/8/2022

Who are you?

My name is Adam Abundis. I am a self-taught developer who has been coding for 7 years. I have been a part of some amazing tech communities like Virtual Coffee, codeBlue Discord Group, and Devs 4 Devs Slack Group.

Before coding, I spent 10 years in hospitality/customer service and 5 years in the technical support industry.

What is your experience in web development?

I have 2 years of experience as full-stack developer (PHP) with an emphasis on the front-end for digital marketing agencies (real estate, automotive dealerships).

I also have 3 years of experience teaching/mentoring web development bootcamp students the MERN stack for edX. I love sharing my technical knowledge (CSS Flexbox, Javascript, debugging techniques, responsive web design, accessibility) and pair programming.

What do you currently do?

I am currently a freelance front-end developer looking to build innovative user interfaces that allow users to forget they are looking at a browser. I like to do this by prioritizing web performance, adding CSS transition animations, and focusing on the overall flow of a website from a user's perspective.

What do you like to do for fun?

As you can see in my cover image, I like to travel. I enjoy it so much that my family and I are on our 2nd stint of full-time traveling in the United States since May 2022. We have able to explore 9 states (California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama) in the last 2 years. We are planning a big cross-country trip from Florida to Alaska next year (2023).

Anything else I should know?

It's a pleasure to be a part of community. I have learned so much from the blogs on this platform. I want to give back by blogging more about learning vue.js in public, freelancing, and share some knowledge that I have gained in the last 7 years. I hope my posts will inspire and add value on your developer journey.

You can find me on GitHub as abuna1985

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