BETA testing of Utopia decentralized ecosystem is now LIVE!

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We live in a world of total surveillance, where a lack of privacy is becoming a norm and confidentiality is a thing of the past. We, a group of networking technology enthusiasts, feel that such a state of affairs cannot continue for long, and our answer is Utopia! Get ready for the future where Big brother is no longer watching you.

We are looking for the beta testers to take part in closed testing of a new decentralized peer-to-peer network. The network is supported by users and offers high-quality features as well as a smooth user interface. The main functions are confidential communication and secure financial transactions. All information is impossible to steal, and all conversations stay private. With our ecosystem, you will be able to send instant text and voice messages, exchange files, create group chats and channels, view news feeds, conduct private discussions. Moreover, our network has an inbuilt browser , API and financial functionality. Join us https://beta.u.is/

The project is absolutely unique!

The problem of security and privacy has been bothering us for long years. That’s why we gathered the best team of specialists to produce such a place for everyone. Experienced developers were consulted by the top experts of data security sphere from around the globe. We spent more than five years secretly working on the development together to make the world better.

What we expect from you:

During the registration on the beta portal, you can choose one of three available roles: a tester, a promoter, an assistant, or all three at once:

  • actively use the ecosystem
  • search for bugs and report them
  • suggest improvements for the software
  • give feedback with an assessment of the system
  • promote our software
  • provide assistance to other users


  • an opportunity to be the first to test this unique software
  • crypto bonuses (paid in BTC)
  • lifelong access to all the features of the ecosystem
  • additional rewards in BTC for promotion and bringing new beta testers
  • additional bonuses for bugs reporting To learn more about Utopia and to sign up for its beta please visit https://beta.u.is

P.S. If you are a blogger, a journalist, or an owner of a YouTube channel, your offers for collaboration and promotion are welcomed.

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