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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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What will happen to the Self education industry after AI?

If you can afford to be less tallented and in some cases replaced by AI, what does that mean for the self education industry of skill sharing platforms? Are they doomed? After all who needs humans 😉

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Thabang Ndlovu

The only way to understand what AI is truly capable of is to use AI tools. From my experience, AI tools will always need human intervention because it's difficult to solve human problems. AI is not as good as the media makes it to be, but it will get better. AI doesn't work well without a human guiding it and we are a long way from pulling this off.

The self-education industry is the future and is here to stay. With more AI tools coming up, it means more new problems will arise and this will create the need for more problem solvers, that is when the self-education industry will flourish.

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