What should a developer CV / resume look like?

Adam Crockett on November 16, 2019

There's no doubt in my mind, my CV (it's a resume in other countries) from school is nothing like my CV today, it's got a layout which is a little ... [Read Full]
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Hello Adam

The most important thing you need to know about CV is that they should matter much less than you think.

When you are a random guy sending a CV to a random company, your odds of success are a bit like sending a love letter to that girl or guy you like but have you never talked with first.

Here is how I do it nowdays:

  • I never send my CV pro-actively
  • I focus on making a connection and discussing with the people first
  • Inviting them to drink a coffee is my favorite way to do it
  • Only after I've met them and they explicitly ask for my CV, I send it
  • At that point I'm not a random stranger sending a letter to a random company, so how my CV looks doesn't matter much.

Black and White seems about right for me. For me the resume is just a brief introduction of the candidates background. But a piece of paper cannot describe your personality, mind set, social skills, etc.

It works the other way around for me too. When someone is contacting me and starts telling via a mail/chat how wonderful and great everything is and sends me a 10 Page job description PDF all coloured like a magazine, how can I really determine what kind of atmosphere is there?

A piece of paper is a piece of paper... Keep it simple


Some great advice there Sabin, paper is paper.


I've had the same question! I got my first job right out of school just over 10 years ago, and have only moved jobs once since then. I was connected with my current job through some good relationships and conversations so my official CV/resume wasn't as important at the time.

I had explored the job market early this year with intentions of moving on to another job. I ended up staying at my job after some serious interviews and offers from other companies (personal reasons, love of my team, etc).

I did some light research and still being unsure, started on my own take of a CV. It worked very well as I was able to get a couple interviews in part because of it. I'm not sure if it's "good" or "correct" but it's where I landed. If I made it again today I'd probably do it a little differently.

Would love any feedback and I hope it's helpful to you all!

Steve Meisner's resume


That's lovely I really like the simplicity. That is the maximum amount of colour I would like but that's just me.


My CV kinda has a bit of everything and not in a good way. I think a website really will do the trick for a dev, I like the idea of a one page website without loading times and some seamless animations on the different sections. I just have to find the time to do it.


Its been 6 years and I still haven't got around to mine. Don't be like me, go and make one today. πŸ“―


Umm, I mean if I had the skills to design a beautiful resume, I sure would.

My current one is quirky as well, it has about 3 colors and a template stolen from Canva.


How successful has this CV been do you think? Anyway interesting, I will take a look at Canva.


Actually, there is no way for me to tell, I am at my first dev job and my current employer found me through GitHub. πŸ˜…

Fairly ineffective then but the upside which is nice for you because real employers look at code first haha


One pager is d best.. max 2 pages.. beyond that is a novel ...


here is my CV

That's a screenshot of mine, the template is my own but probably base on a Google search. I used the same fonts as my website (that doesn't exist yet)


Sounds like an academic CV should be rather comprehensive. CV.


Ahh, Americanisms, in the UK a resume and a CV are the same thing, sorry, I should have said.

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