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DAY 3: So bored of WFH.

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett github logo Updated on ・1 min read  

It's not so fun when you have no choice.

My Son decided to turn the WIFI off mid meeting, he is literally clinging to me all day, smashing keys and grunting through slack calls, I am going to go spare. its been 3 days, how on earth is anyone productive full time at home.

How are you staying productive?
Can you expect to be productive?
Do you have hobbies?
All that stuff, or just want to chat, share something down in the comments.

Jira ticket COVID-19 is a bitch.

Ben, If your there, I wonder if for the time being we could get a COVID-19 tag so that we can share our experiences?

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Our landlords live upstairs and have chosen this opportunity to...I'm not sure, but I think they're installing flooring. A bunch of flooring.

We're definitely among the lucky set, so far, in that we even have this option though.


You have my sympathy 😬

In some ways it's nice to not have to do the morning commute, but honestly I actually really like our office, plus we have free drinks and snacks, I miss the chat and banter.

Are you finding all the grocery stores are running out of everything?


Not quite everything, but a lot of really random things. Luckily, we're usually pretty well stocked by default. How about for you?


I work remotely 2/3 days a week anyway so am pretty set up for it & not struggling so far. For some reason though it feels very different to have to work remotely through necessity rather than as a choice!


Precisely, I usually WFH when I'm tired from the daily wake up early, travel get home late. Now I'm itching to get to the office. The office is like my second home anyway.


Same. I typically work from home Tuesday and Thursday. And, my dream was to own my own business so I could run it from my home. Now that it's mandatory, I find I'm not nearly as productive and am yearning for some social interaction. Part of it may also be that my kids are home and I'm needing a break from being their teacher, too.


"It's not so fun when you have no choice."

This is so true. A few caveats for me: I've WFH for years and I don't have children, so I fully respect that parents are going through unique challenges that I am not. But I did not anticipate how hard it would be. This tweet really captures the zeitgeist in my opinion.

I'm learning to be patient with myself. I am not operating at 100%, my focus is not what it was two weeks ago. That's simply our reality. I am still doing what I need to do at work—I'm responsive, I'm attending meetings, I'm doing my work—but if I have to take off early for planning life stuff I let my manager know, and my manager and team have been wonderful at telling us: "We know this is not normal. It's OK. Your health comes first." Hearing that helps, even when my mind is telling me, "Argh! You're not as productive as you should be." Also, my husband is now WFH and has taken over my home office which is a change. :)

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and slowly working on some of my projects and I find it motivating to hear from others about what they're working on. I'm taking an online course which is also nice; it feels like things are moving and progressing.

How about you? Any hobbies or things you're doing to help you get your mind off things a bit?


We took part in a virtual toddler dance thing hooked up to my TV today. Very cute and anoying 😁. I think today went a bit better. Its only up from here!


I'm enjoying my WFH situation so far. I have a separate work space and I have been able to stick to a schedule similar to the one I have at work so far :)

The only complain I have is not getting enough physical exercise --- everything is closed and weather isn't good enough to go out for a run or a walk.


I'm using an app called Seven (but there are many more out there) that offer interval training: 12 x 30 seconds squads, push-ups, burpees etc. There are so many exercises that don't require anything. I'm using that for years. It helps me a lot. Also push-ups every time I'm brewing fresh coffee, to bridge the waiting period.


Thats a great idea. Thanks for the pro tip. Cheers !


I can definitely understand. WFH is not for everyone.

Like you I'm not convinced about the efficiency and productivity of those who work from home. It requires a well organized house and exceptional equipment. Still, there is nothing that can compete with collaborating in proximity. I'm not saying that there are no exceptions but that for the majority the productivity when WFH is a myth, same with as open floor.

I only take the option when there is something out of the ordinary I need to do home during a working day. The smart employers I had understood the compromise. Get something out of the day instead of nothing. The not smart employers accept work in the train during commute. Currently it is a necessity. Instead of nothing just something.


I always wondered what it was like full time at home, I feel like a contractor, it's very strange.

I have started to work on smaller more manageable tasks instead of focusing on that unicorn task. Better than nothing.


It's wfh day three for me. It's not quite what I expected, my set up at home isn't as good as at work, I think that's the biggest challenge for me. I miss my two monitors :( That being said I don't miss the commute (~2hrs each way) Staying productive by isolating myself to one spot and pair programming. Something that I've noticed is that I'm working more hours with it being harder to stop and end the work day.


I wish I could pair, sadly my team are in the US and so I rely on non team members to keep me sane, but I can't do that now. Oh well keep calm and carry on.



I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old at home. It is fun to have more engaging activities with them in the evening, but keeping them away during work hours is challenging to say the least.


I find myself bouncing around the house holding my laptop trying to one handedly put together a simple function. You have to keep laughing though.


you said... "DAY 3: So board of WFH"... you mean "DAY 3: So [bored] of WFH"?

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