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I don't want to be a developer (ish)

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⚠️ Disclaimer, I'm drunk.

Okay let me level with you, growing to retirement age I'm going to code until I'm dead and write some AI to live on when I'm gone that can atleast carry on my work.

I started my career from a failing fine art degree, where creating my website was far more interesting than any paintings I was working on, I have come along way from a 18 year old winging it to a nearly 30 year old with some wisdom behind me.

The thing is I am rather shockingly good at 3D art and I suppose that comes from the occasional practice over the same period of time I have been developing.

Let's get to the point already, I wish I had the time and financial security to make a go of 3D artwork but the truth is I don't, I need to keep programming. What is your hidden talent? Can you show me?

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There is no secret actually, maybe you are wondering how some devs are doing it well. The secret is to keep learning. Why? The secret of a good dev is training, maybe you can have the talent but if you are lazy, gg.

Don't be afraid if you aren't a good dev, trust me, you are better than the beginning and some devs with less than that they got a huge progress, you can do it dude! 🤘🙌


Scratching head to this comment mate. I appreciate the sentiment but I am a passionate and experienced developer... But I love 3D art and I am good at this too, perhaps my post didn't convay this, I am asking about hidden talents.


Oh, I didn't read between lines, sorry 😅

I get it a lot DW all my posts are generally misleading clickbait.

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