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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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🚂 Model Railroad Model Scale calculator with UI 🚉

What is this?

This tool converts real world measurements into scaled teeny tiny measurements.
We are using track gauges (O, OO (equal to HO), N, T, Z) to represent the scale of things around the railway/railroad such as buildings, cars, people cows and scale Santa.

Oh yes, this is my first published React micro project, Full disclosure it has a small bug also so not ready for production (TODO: fix)!

There are one or two things I didn't enjoy about React but mostly its great, so is Vue so I still have no preference.

For such a simple thing, I recommend writing something like this for fun, really useful tools for real life rewards. This tool has got enough challenges to make it interesting all the way to the end.

This one is React based and the design and UI is all scratch built for some reason 🤷‍♂️, I am a little rusty!

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