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Discussion on: Here are Top 5 Best Practices for JavaScript you MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW

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Adam Crockett • Edited

Oh futher reply, Michael it's not about brace or not to brace that I respect about your comment, it's that you have a good strong opinion. That is the most important part. I always say, it can be consistently good or consistently bad but atleast it's consistently changeable.

Whatever we decide is punishable by death, stick to those guns and lint, lint, lint.

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Michel Renaud

Ultimately it's 31+ years of experience (and I still have SO much to learn; things change so fast in this field - .NET Core 3.0 just landed and I'm all excited), and a lot of that experience was going through pains of even little things like that that often cost us hours or days and could have been avoided with better practices, etc.

Many of my coworkers have come to learn that if I'm really insisting on something and speaking strongly in favour or against something, there's a good reason (which they may or may not understand yet, depending on their level of experience). I'll sometimes fill them in on horror stories while having a cold beer at a nearby restaurant. :)

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