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Adam Crockett 🌀
Adam Crockett 🌀

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Are you in a slump? Go buy some Lego!

I’ve been experiencing an existential crisis for a long time and although it’s ongoing I’m starting to feel myself.

I think one thing that really helped me out was reconnecting with my inner child who was an absolute Lego genius or so he says. I’m now building with my son as an AFOL and we love it, but I can now see Lego a whole new light, it’s design system, really clever stuff like how 5 plates on the side equals the width of a 2xn how every single pole type piece in the entire system is the same size so a Lego figure can hold a jail bar or a wheelbarrow it’s all the same. Every element has been designed in just such away.

Now I feel like after a little time with it, I’ve got my creativity back a bit and my systematic discipline has returned, it’s also got a lot of foreword planning that only comes from needing to get to X by doing Y and Z

Sorry if I get you hooked
🪝 Adam

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Hendrik Ras

Loved Lego as a child. Was always making my own transformers robots. Its a good way to encourage creativity.