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AI at Work: Looking within as an Autistic Programmer

As an autistic programmer, I have always found it difficult to reflect on my work and write a self-performance review, I hate them so much - it is an inaccurate waste of time, people see you all the time and we even have a recognition system for everyone here which is cool, so why self evaluate?.. I Guess its to make you think about your flaws, not such an easy think for me I cant see them, I rely on feedback!

However, using AI has been a game changer (get ready to here that a lot in all future posts, the game is changing!) me to overcome these challenges and gain new insights into my performance.

I used a tool called ChatGPT, (I know right, whats that?) to write my self-performance review, and it was a game-changer for me. ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities allowed me to write my review with a simple copy and paste of my old review. Although I use Grammerly, it is great to trust something else without worrying about spelling or grammar errors. It can still make tense, or context errors so of course read it!

I was able to express myself clearly and concisely, without struggling with the nuances of this pesky English language.

What shocked me the most was the spouting of personalized feedback and suggestions to help me identify areas for improvement in my work.
It guessed quite correctly without much detail what my flaws where and where I might have gone wrong 😑 this year, I mean this is starting to feel like a simulation these days.

By analyzing my performance data (A copy and paste of some html stuff), the AI was able to provide me with insights that I might have overlooked on my own. This feedback helped me to set goals for the upcoming year and improve my work process - to be honest its the same stuff I would have set myself every year but hey.

Overall, using ChatGPT to write my self-performance review was a valuable experience for me as an autistic programmer. It allowed me to overcome my challenges with self-reflection and gain a new perspective on my performance. With the help of ChatGPT, I was able to identify areas for improvement, set goals for the upcoming year, and improve my work process.

Now it knows all my weakness's its only a matter of time...

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