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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

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A future without Git

Very hand wavey post! πŸ‘‹

The more I think about Git and all version control systems today the more I question it.

It’s complex, and intimidating for the beginner, and least a continuous risk.

Thinking about what we could do instead. The problem of decentralised local development machines, (and yes that’s really a problem) could be a thing of the past if we all adopted some sort of real time per β€œbranch” or channel or what have you and maybe something like devcontainers and liveshare could could allow everyone on that branch to keep up to date inside a container.

Instead of merging in the traditional way you could do something with container snaphots keeping the latest code and the environment up to date then converge that and the entire environment together with others in a release candidate, maybe Ai could handle the actual merging.

Oh the future… who knows 😊

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Eden Ella

Another solution (which already exists) is to version control modules/components independently instead of binding everything into a single block.

Each of these autonomous components can have different permission levels. Each can be maintained autonomously, delivered autonomously, and installed in any project. There is no need to version control entire projects. Handling dependencies, handling atomic updates, is much easier.