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18,000 following 🤔

Adam Crockett
I work at ForgeRock as Staff UI Engineer, I play with all sorts really. Lately WASM is my toy of interest.
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Just want to say thank you so much Dev has really helped my confidence and to grow as a person, I am 400 lucky people away from 18000. If I do get to 18000 I promise I will finish one of my LRIP (long running iterative projects) and show Dev it, cross my heart!

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I can't believe you missed the top tip - keep posting and post regularly. 260 articles (excluding this one) is the big thing and really impressive!

Congratulations on 18k (soon), only 2k to an epic milestone!

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Michael Primo

GG! How did you do it? I started my journey here, but without luck :(

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Adam Crockett Author • Edited

So I have theories but here are my rules.

Never write anything on a computer, always use a phone.

Always include an emoji in the title

Always use title case, never SHOUT

Always acknowledge your audience, hearts and kind words are free

Assume that everyone means well even if it doesn't come off that way

Think of a question you thought of randomly on a walk and write about that

Never boast, apart from this post

Nothing is inappropriate until somebody complains but still, be kind (be brave with your subject and stance but nothing offensive)

Wear a Dev t-shirt

Support the community

Do make rant posts to get you started, helps if you can get drunk 🤔

Study other media such as YouTube

Be yourself, find your writing style that stands out

Never wright to a trend such as the tip 10 array methods JavaScript, please stop 😪

Most of all, your traffic comes from back links, so encouraging people to share and get into the comments is great.

Oh and I have been here a long time with hundreds of flop posts and some gems it's all good to be bad at things (like me) you will get there

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Michael Primo

Thank you for the tips! I started implementing some of them now 😃 I write most on experiments, postmortems and dev logs, so I don't do lists and stuff. What do you think about Hashnode compared to Is it good too? Thank you!