🥳 Top 10 projects I wish existed (and I could work on)

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These are my career goals from this month. What do you want to do when you grow up?

🚗 An in-car proximity based web shopping experience (great for parking your car and crashing your car).
💪 A fully web based os that was actually successful.
🌌 Smart mirror home assistant
🚜 Universal Automotive UI OS
🛸 Hacking an alien space craft to save the world with Will Smith
🚛 A commercial vehicles configorator
🏚️ Theme park VR thing
🏎️ Games, all of the games!
🧬 Crisper.js
☠️ Robots with emotions

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Create ringdestroyer.js powered by raspberry pi and make frodo baggins looks like an idiot by destroying the ring in 5 seconds


One does not simply install an OS on a raspberry pi


Lol I better open an issue on ringdestroyer repo
Feature request : need to install itself on r.pi and hope someone else will do it


Think like a child rationalize like an adult. That's what my son is teaching me. I think some of this is possibly a good idea.

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