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🍏 Apple + Figma: Latest Design Tools Released

Hey there πŸ‘‹ We're jam-packed with resources this week, here's a quick look:

🎨 Cool CSS Queries You Didn’t Know About

⏱️ Time-Based CSS Animations

πŸ” Compliance vs Readability

Dive in & enjoy πŸ‘‹ - Adam at Unicorn Club.

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πŸ¦„ This week's best

Apple + Figma

Apple Design Resources for making great apps for Apple platforms

State of HTML 2023 - The Results

The 2023 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the HTML ecosystem.

Cool queries

There’s lots of query-related things that CSS can do that’s pretty neat.

🧠 Fun Fact

The Birth of a New Design Era - Figma was officially launched to the public in 2016, but its development dates back to 2012. It was created by Dylan Field and Evan Wallace, aiming to revolutionize the design world by introducing the first browser-based interface design tool.

Time-based CSS Animations

After years of wait, CSS now has enough Math functions supported, particularly mod(), round(), and trigonometric functions.

On compliance vs readability: Generating text colors with CSS

Can we emulate the upcoming CSS contrast-color() function via CSS features that have already widely shipped? And if so, what are the tradeoffs involved and how to best balance them?

I’m worried about the tabbing behaviour, rather than the syntax and name of CSS masonry

There’s a lot of chatter about CSS masonry at the moment. Should it be called β€œmasonry” and should it be grid? Let’s worry about the basics first.

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Thanks for reading ❀️

@AdamMarsdenUK from Unicorn Club

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