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What is required to write an OpenAPI contact? - OpenAPI [2]

OpenAPI documents can be written either in JSON or in YAML format. So you will need to know how to read/write in one of this format and have a text editor.

Learn read/write

If you don't know what is JSON or YAML, please go check an online tutorial before going further.
All the OpenAPI contrat is written in one of these format, so it can be hard to work with without this knowledge.

Text editor

Simple ones

So if you don't want to use any plugins, or wanted to start quickly, any text editor can work.

At least, use a text editor which support JSON and/or YAML format like:

If you are a dev, your IDE will support both format and you will be able to start quickly.

Swagger Editor

If you want to have something more graphic to help you, you can use the Swagger Editor. It's an online tool and will show you direcly the result and if something is wrong!

Image description


If you want to use your IDE, you can found some IDE to help you

When you have those elements, you are ready to start your journey to the OpenAPI world!

I hope it will help you! 🍺

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