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Using TTS in Tutorial Videos

acroynon profile image Adam Roynon ・1 min read

There are tons of tutorial videos online explaining code and how to create certain things in code. They could be one-off tutorials, online courses, tutorial series, quick tips, etc.

When you find a video that uses Text-to-Speech (TTS) do you immediately click off it and find another video or do you watch it through?

I am thinking about creating online courses/tutorial videos and wondering if TTS is a viable option for the audio component.

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JasperHorn • Edited

I don't come across them often, and sometimes I may think that the video might information I can't easily find elsewhere and I'll continue to listen. That said, I'm not really taking the video all that serious anymore at that point, and the creator has lost much of their credibility in my eyes.

No, TTS has a long way to go before it's viable for this. Well, that is considering those that are willing to use it as the starting point. The state of the art is probably much closer to being usable. I'm just not sure that it's actually available to the masses yet.

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Adam Roynon Author

Thank you, this is very helpful. I agree, I don't think the available TTS software is viable without people immediately switching off or not taking it seriously.