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Discussion on: JavaScript Destructuring Explained

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Adam Roynon Author

Your original example, the one that works, suggests that the response has a 'data' field.
For example:

const response = { 
  data: {
      ... some data

Then you're destructuring that out and renaming it order

const { data: order } = data
// This is taking that 'data' field and destructuring it into an 'order' object

Your other examples would return undefined as there is no top-level 'order' object

const { order } = data
// undefined as response.order is undefined

Have you tried this

const { data.order: order } = data
// Takes and destructures it into an 'order' object

I'm not sure if this will work, as I'm not 100% sure of the structure of the response object.

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Seanmclem • Edited

Then data does not contain order. You need to try just storing the result json as a regular value, and console log it. To see what's in the result