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Watch NHK world with Linux by hitting the URL of streaming server

Have you ever watched NHK world?

NHK, 日本放送協会, is semiofficial broadcaster in Japan.

It also provide NHK world, world-wide version. It streams English movie on the internet related to Japanese news, culture, tourism, and so on.
We can watch it from windows and MacOS.

Here a problem: I use Linux as my desktop environment, and Chromium as my default browser, how to watch NHK world?

Now, you cannot watch NHK world via Linux. It returns the error "Live streaming not available on this browser".

Don't worry, I found the way to watch it with Linux.


We can directly hit the URL of streaming server with VLC media player.

I would love NHK to allow us watch via various Operating System, as NHK is public broadcaster.


I found it easy to open a media server URL with VLC. Sometimes we can record it.


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