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Braintree minimum example



I created a repository for my friend to show how Braintree by Paypal works. I would like to shart it here!


This repository shows how braintree SDK + express.js works.


Brain tree has official tutorial (of cource) but it contains a lot of implicit dependency.
For example, app is for express instance, but JavaScript beginners tend to have luck of the background, so hard to implement the tutorial.

Braintree also has official example repository using express.js, but it has a lot of things such as templates, stylesheets, etc.

Beginner should start the minimam start point. So I created this repository.


Install Node.js > 8.1.x and install Yarn.

Then run:

git clone
cd learn-paypal-braintree
yarn install
yarn dev
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Optional: Edit server.js and fill out your SDK tokens.

Then open index.html and you can see the braintree screen.



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