Discussion on: It gone wrong, how do you deal with bad feedback?

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Achilles Moraites

BAD feedback is when you are not getting information about improving your library , it doesn't matter if it's done with good or bad intentions.

If the feedback is about something that is not working as expected, ask more information and assess if you can improve it!

The important thing is to improve your self and the stuff you are working on!
Not to feel bad about it 😃

Look only to use the given information to get better , at the end of the day not every one will like you or your ideas.

Focus on making your self and your library better instead of worrying about BAD feedback 😉

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Adam Crockett Author

Thank you, I think the feedback quality was good but there was a lack of understanding, so I will have to work on bolstering my style guide documentation and rational. I had some time off to think and reflct and I probably will rewrite and publish 2.0.0 as well.