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Discussion on: What is Hacking?

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"Hacker", and "hacking" are terms which have been used even before computers existed. "playful cleverness" is not my definition, that is how hacking is defined. However, over the course of years and decades, the people involved in cyber-security came and hijacked the word to use it for something it does not mean.

I am not to judge whom this article is for, but surely, it uses the word "hacking" incorrectly.

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Akhil Naidu Author

I still don't get your point. Hacker is actually a word used for computer parts thief; that is the actual truth.

Do you want me to use it?

You are just fawning on one of the many interpretations; ignore the fact you are a smart ass and accept the provisional truth. Don't play the game of words or synonyms.

I'm not here to debate a topic of the Origin of the Word Hacking or Hacker; I'm here to make others understand what textbooks, media, and in general, debates and workshops point out.

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Hacker is actually a word used for computer parts thief; that is the actual truth.

Yes, it is used that way, because mainstream media and perople involved in cyber security hijacked the word "hacker" to give it a pejorative connotation.

And unfortunately, neither textbook, mainstream media or people involved in cyber-security are interested referring things accurately. It is not a game of words or synonyms. Synonyms would mean two different words have same meaning. That isn't the case here.

What you refer to as hacking is actually cracking. It would be better to use "Security cracker" in this context, and it would be really great if you could also spare a couple of lines highlighting the difference between a hacker and a security cracker.

But again, it is your article, and your decision how you would like to use the words.