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Abubakar Sadiq Ismail
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Linear Search

Linear search algorithm.

Given an array of items.
You want to find the given index of an element.
The linear search algorithm returns the index of the element, or -1 if the element is not found.

Linear search works by going through the array from index 0,....n-1
comparing array[index] to element.
If they match you return the index.

if the array elements are compared from index 0 to n-1 and no element matches the element.
you return -1.

Hence the pseudo code
Loop through array from index = 0, to n-1.
if array[index] = element
return index

return - 1

Time Complexity is O(n).
because we are looping through the array n times.
Space Complexity is O(1).
We are not creating any new variable and hence using constant space complexity

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