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What is NFT And Why You Should Pay Attention to It

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which means that something can't be exchanged or substituted. In other words, fungible tokens are Dollar, Gold, Bitcoin. Because you can easily change one $10 bill by two $5 bills or by another one $10 bill, the value won't change, and no one will lose anything. However, with Non-Fungible tokens, everything is a little bit harder. You can't just take the "Mona Lisa" and exchange it by its fabrication. The value that holds the original "Mona Lisa" is much bigger than the fake "Mona Lisa" value. Actually, you can call NFT every picture Art, Music, 3D Model, Cover of this article and even first Twitter. I'm not joking; the founder of Twitter - Jack Dorsey, sold his photo of the first tweet for over $2,9M. The picture by Mike Winkelmann is called "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" and was sold for $69M. Can you dream it? Also, a project contains exactly 10,000 CryptoPanks Characters, and the lowest price for one NFT is 20ETH, and the price of the rarest characters can be up to $7.57M.

Why Even You Can Do it Right Now

You may say that it's the Co-Founder of Twitter and you can't do the same because you aren't a famous person or a great painter, and I'll prove that you're wrong.
You can go to the most popular platform and see that there're thousands of sketches that LITERALLY EVERYONE in the world can draw and sell for 0,1ETH or even for a greater price. For instance, a GIF animation called "THE SUN" was sold for 1ETH. Or you can take a look at this "Unnamed Foal", and as you might have noticed, the author of it didn't even care about the title, and when I say the author didn't care, then NFT Marketplace is the author best place for you to notice it. Personally, I have seen that someone was selling his NFT without even a nickname. There are many other examples like these, and I want you to see them yourself. Just start making something from scratch, and in the end, it will bring you what you want.
if you want to make your own NFT and sell it for the price that you want then nothing can stop you and everything that you need is just to do it

What is The Trend of Market

Except for "CryptoPanks", which I talked about earlier, there're many other projects with a similar idea. I mean that not only CryptoPunks has the idea of making thousands of characters that are almost similar, but one may have a blue shirt, and the other may have red.
CryptoKitties is a prime example of this; it also has many Kitties different from each other. And by this, I say to you that everyone can make their own collection of characters or something else, and probably it will be popular. Because if you go to the NFT Marketplace, you will instantly notice that almost everyone want to build their own universe with their own heroes and weapons
Try to make your own world with your own Rules and Characters. Remember it doesn't need to be perfect

NFT Main Features

What is so unusual in NFT, and why everyone is talking about it? The key difference between some NFT Marketplaces and platforms like Shutterstock is that on Shutterstock, you can buy the same photo or illustration millions of times; However, You cannot do it with NFT because it has only one copy. NFT exactly digitizes usual art and allow you to draw and buy it from any place in the world.
You may think that it probably has many theft cases if it's so easy to buy art. But NFT has one of the greatest features called Smart Contract that works on Etherium (not only) and bring its own blockchain world without any robbery or something like that. You conclude a contract that no one can't break, and no one can cheat.
It builds its own world without any theft or something like that. And allows you to use it in any place in the world

You Don't Actually Need to Draw It

I said you need to pay attention and integrate into this NFT world, but not actually make NFT itself. If you don't understand me, let me explain to you.
You can participate in auctions and buy NFTs, and then you can easily sell them for a greater price. You don't even need to sell it because sometimes exactly this NFT can be one of the rarest, and you'll be the only holder of it.
Also, by integrating into this sphere, I mean you can even build your own NFT Marketplace that will be better than others. If you think that it's useless and no one is actually doing it, then I can say that nowadays, almost every company wants to open its own NFT Marketplace. For example, look at Instagram, Binance,, Enjin Marketplace and many others.
It's a great opportunity to start doing something with NFT right now. And if you think that it's late, then you're absolutely wrong. Because it's only the start

The Future of NFT

NFT is a part of a new era, the era of web 3.0, where you can do what you want a where you want in the global network. Where you can easily buy stuff without any thoughts about fraud, it's stupidly to ignore this new world that is only in the state of borning. I'm currently building my own NFT Marketplace, and my sister has drawn me this cover for my article in this too.


My final thought is that it will only grow and grow and will make our world only better. I hope you enjoyed this article; if you have some advice or just wanna talk then add me at Discord: MarkFusion#2903

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