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Why do the wordpress docs suck so incredibly much?

I, like most developers, dread having to work with wordpress. It is, however, what all the clients ask for. And as long as the request is something simple it's usually pretty easy. However, as soon as something requires me to look at the wordpress docs, well your website price just doubled.

The worpress codex gives us half-assed, barely explained concepts, no or irrelevant examples (most of the examples are in the form of user comments), a light smattering of internal links and if you ever find a page that actually lists what you can expect one of these functions to do or what data they return, well please email me, I'll pop open a bottle of champagne.

The worpress REST API docs are incrementally better, being at least written in grammatically correct english, but again the demo data provided is incorrect, the endpoints are described incorrectly and the code samples are hit and miss.

How, in 2021, with over a third of all websites on the web using wordpress, with all of their staff and community, do the wordpress docs suck so incredibly much?

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