A month of Flutter: upgrading to 1.0

Abraham Williams on December 05, 2018

Originally published on bendyworks.com. Yesterday's announcement of Flutter 1.0 was timed perfectly to follow up on configuring CI. Now it's easy ... [Read Full]
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Noice! So, what pain points did you come across during this journey so far? :-)


Sofar the most difficult problem I've had was trying to cache the flutter directory in configuring continuous integration. I'm pretty much done with tooling though so there should be a lot more code content coming. I expect testing is going to be difficult.


Well, I'm really far away from CI as of now. :D So, is there ample support for native widgets, services like Google Maps, OAuth2, etc.?

I'm just getting into that area but Google did just announce the google_maps_flutter plugin.


Interesting framework, could replace Electron for native desktop applications. Will probably experiment with it in the future.


Ya, desktop and web support are intriguing. Still a lot of progress to be made in those areas though I think.

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