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Understanding CRUD: The Key to Mastering Programming Concepts and Building Better Apps

Most important thing with programming is understanding the concepts of how to solve a single problem.

From knowing how you did that you go to the next and you keep getting better repetitively.

After number of days as many as possible of consistency you'll look back and appreciate yourself for keeping on trying.

If you're asking yourself what project should I work first ?

My Boss speaks of "TODO manager"

Normally creating a TODO App is among fastest way to understand the concepts of what is necessary required for every app on the internet.

Which is "CRUD" .

CRUD stands for :

  1. Create
  2. Read
  3. Update
  4. Delete

Create means allowing users add new input into the app. ( E.g : Creating an account, Creating a new post on Instagram, or Create a new contact with your phone ).

Read means to fetch a data for preview or use. ( E.g:
Viewing whatsapp status, checking up an image from a gallery or searching for a saved number from Contacts list ).

Update means change of data or information to replace with another. ( E.g : Updating a new profile picture, Updating your mobile phone, Update news feed ).

Delete means what it sounds.
This deals with removing data from the system. ( E.g : Delete a social media post, Delete a video on your device or Delete the app ).

The good news is after knowing this four operations you'll have a clear grasp understanding how to continue chasing what you want.

We are together in to this.

Be strong.

If you're reading this today I have highest hope of one day you'll land your software engineering job, and that's when the real learning starts.

We're proud of you.

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