Is Server-Side Rendering really easy using NextJS?

abnersajr profile image Abner Soares Alves Junior ・1 min read

In large scale, front-end app which I have worked, one of the requirements that must be present in the project was Server-Side Rendering. The core team has decided to go with NextJS, at that moment was the NextJS 6.

Many things started to goes wrong and we faced troubles with Dynamic Routes, state merge, and management.

Have you ever used NextJS to accomplish this requirement or any other lib/framework?

Last, did you have in troubles with SSR rendering not only in React apps but in other apps?


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It's not hard, it's Server Side Rendered when a page gets requested, when a user clicks on url it grabs the content, slugs have to be manually set--finer control in comparison to Gatsby, data injection is not complex but you will get used to it quickly.I am talking about NextJS, zeit made it a breeze to go set it up. A few pages, should take you at least 20 mins to read through the getting started guide on nextjs, and you'll be familiar. nextjs.org/learn/basics/getting-st...