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MongoDB database driver for Deno

Keramot UL Islam
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As you already know that Deno is a new run time of JavaScript and TypeScript. Recently it has published first stable release.

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database. Deno also has a third-party module deno_mongo to handle MongoDB queries.

deno_mongo is a MongoDB database driver for Deno, based on rust's official MongoDB library package. Right now it's on --unstable flug.

I'm assuming that you have installed MongoDB and Deno on your machine. So, let's see how it works...
Necessary permissions to run this module: --allow-net --allow-write --allow-read --allow-plugin --unstable

import { MongoClient } from ""

const client = new MongoClient()

const db = client.database("denoDB");
const greetings = db.collection("greetings");

on client.connectWithUri you will put your own URL. In my case, I have a database called denoDB and a collection called greetings in that database.

Now let's insert some data in there:

const hello = await greetings.insertOne({
    sayHello: "Hello World..."

If you check on the terminal db.greetings.find() then you'll get that data back, or you can find the data using deno_mongo:

const find = await greetings.find({
    _id: hello

Update and Delete:
updateOne returns { matchedCount, modifiedCount, upsertedId } these three informations.

// update
const { matchedCount, modifiedCount, upsertedId } = await greetings.updateOne(
    { sayHello: { $ne: null } },
    { $set: { sayHello: "Hello Universe..." } }

// delete
const delete = await greetings.deleteOne({ _id: hello });

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