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Hey, WordPress devs. Try Python

Keramot UL Islam
WordPress Enthusiast. Loves PHP, and JavaScript.
Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

WordPress plus Python

The strongest side of WordPress is The Rest-API. We can fetch WordPress data with any programming language and print it wherever we want.

Calling Rest-API with JavaScript is kind of okay. But Calling Rest-API with Python can be the starting point of the next big thing.

Here are two things about Python:

1) Python is the present trend.

2) Python is a sustainable future.

If you want to make money from product,

you have to go through the trend;

towards the future.

Now let’s see how Python works with WordPress Rest-API…

import requests
from urllib.request import urlopen

endpoint = ""
rqst = requests.get(endpoint)

if rqst.status\_code == 200:
    with urlopen(endpoint) as url:
    data =


You can make a deep analyzation of your e-commerce, blog, business website data with python. Then you can print the output on a web app, website, google sheet… wherever you want.

The world of data analyzation, deep learning are just in front of the door.

Are we ready for it?

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