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Discussion on: 🎉5 Dev skills that will boost your salary in 2020

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Keramot UL Islam

I appreciate your opinion. But I really don't understand, why people treat Data Science differently...
Nowadays Data Science is everywhere. For example, if someone has an E-commerce site, they can trained a module based on existing data and make some predictions for his business strategy.

Now, Data Science has two parts,
1) Research -- Only for Data Scientist.
2) Coding staff -- web developers can do it easily.

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Right, I see your point - if you leave the research (the conceptual "thinking") to a proper data scientist, then writing the code can probably be done by a developer versed in Python or whatever language is required. But in that case I wonder how much real "data science" is needed at all by the dev, it's a matter of coding what the data scientist cooks up.