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Cheatsheet on converting Bootstrap v4 project to Bootstrap v5

Hi guys, I've been working on Pinegrow's Bootstrap blocks and templates, currently to migrate from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5. And through the process, I guess I went through almost all of the classes and changes. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to share those changes. If you are thinking how to migrate from Bootstrap v4 to v5, this list can be handy; so you can just search and replace them.

Utilities Change
Paddings pl > ps
pr > pe
Margins ml > ms
mr > me
Gutters no-gutters > g-0
Font Styles font-weight- > fw-
font-style- > fst-
Alignments text-left > text-start
text-right > text-end
Ratio/Embed embed-responsive > ratio
embed-responsive-16by9 > ratio-16x9
Badges badge-primary > bg-primary
badge-pill > rounded-pill
Form form-group > mb-3
form-row > row
Border border-left > border-start
border-right > border-end
Border Radius rounded-lg & rounded-sm > rounded-1, rounded-2 & rounded-3
Button Block btn-block > d-block w-100 (as alternative)
Visually Hidden sr-only > visually-hidden

JS data name changes for menu triggers and dropdown

data- > data-bs-
data-ride > data-bs-ride
data-target > data-bs-target
data-slide > data-bs-slide
data-togglet > data-bs-toggle

Few other pointers

  • All class names with left/right and l/r has been changed to start/end and s/e
  • Dropped classes - .media, .from-group, .from-row, .from-inline
  • Form labels now require the .form-label class, which has margin bottom applied
  • Negative margins are disabled in Bootstrap 5
  • Columns doesn’t have position: relative property
  • Form row layout changed
  • Input group layout changed
  • Navbar link active class is set on the link itself not on the parent
  • If you put a column outside a row, always set col-* class for all the viewport that you need to cover. Mostly should be col-12 for the smallest viewport.

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