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Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar

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Make images load fast by using Webp image in website

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Why to use Webp images

  1. Webp images is especially build for web by google to optimize the loading speed of images
  2. The image is smaller 26% by size compared to PNG images
  3. WebP supports transparency at a cost of just 22% additional bytes

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Try to use WebP images in website instead of PNG and JPEG images


<img src="image.webp" alt="" />
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Thanks for reading...
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Luke Shiru • Edited on

No HTML or CSS on the post, so you should remove those tags. Also, IDK how useful it is to say: "Make your images load faster ... by changing your images". When I went into this post I was expecting stuff like preload/prefetch.


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Praveen Kumar Author

Hi @lukeshiru thanks for reply as per your suggesstion i have updated the title

Thank You🙏🏻,

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