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Hello my name is Tiamiyu Abidemi, I'm a frontend Developer more interested in JavaScript, equipped with little knowledge about backend working with Node.js framework Express, MySQL and MongoDb and I'm currently trying to learn Vue.js any help will be highly appreciated thanks.


Welcome Tiamiyu!

I'm also learning Vue.js right now and loving it.


That's awesome, would you like to share resources?

I'm doing a course on Udemy, as well as reading articles on here to learn.

The Vue.js docs are a good place to start, and also here is a list of various awesome vue resources: github.com/vuejs/awesome-vue

Thanks so much, I'm definitely checking this out👍


I think both of us are on same page. I have also done some front end while simultaneously working as python developer. And I am looking forward to move on with JavaScript. So, mutual help would be really great for both.
I would be glad to hear similar from you.


We are on same page, will be glad to learn from you both

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