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Abishek Haththakage
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My opinion about gender equality.

I am currently a student studying at a university. I meet people of different genders in my daily life. Share ideas with them. And because of the various things I see in the university bring me great happiness. They treat all people equally as children of the same mother. There are people of different sexuality in our university. The people I am with are the ones who draw me the best from them. Since I am doing an IT-related degree, most people with me are tech-savvy. I have seen people who get along very well with men without gender discrimination. Most of them have better logical thinking and coding skills than men. If I single out women here, there are women I know who do all the work in their homes, balance their education, and work very skillfully. It is a very rare ability that I see in women. And there are many examples we can take from them. In some societies, gender equality is not given a place. They are not respected. But now the young generation is becoming a very open-minded group. They are very friendly with others. All are given equal rights, and their views are respected

Now let's talk about the advantages that the tech industry gets due to gender equality.

  • Increased creativity and ingenuity.
  • Enhanced effectiveness and productivity
  • Improved judgment
  • Improved company recognition and image
  • More market opportunities

Now we see that we get many such advantages. I am saying that all people should be treated equally. That everyone should appear for that. If we change, we can easily change the world.

Okay, that’s it for this article.
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Windya Madhushani

Really nice article !!