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What is NSE?

The National Stock market of India is the biggest stock market of India which is found in Mumbai, which was first established in Nov 1992 and it was the very first fully automated electronic exchange of India with a nationwide presence.

In this project, I have implemented the following:

    how to fetch data of any stock(NSE) in realtime
    how you can perform basis visualizations to analyze the stock price
    using machine learning algorithms to predict the future stock price
    and how to make an interactive web-app using Streamlit framework available in python

Machine Learning algorithm used is LSTM:

Long Short Term Memory, usually just called β€œLSTMs”- are a special
kind of Recurrent neural network which is capable of learning long-
term dependencies i.e remembering information for long periods of

Note: Predicting future prices is very difficult, even for machine learning models. Especially when it comes to the Stock Market, the only input your algorithm take is the stock price, there is a whole lot of information you are going to lose about the underlying factor that will affect the price. Just remember your main motive of this project is to learn new techniques and tools.

Github: https://github.com/abhiwalia15/AI-for-Finance-Stocks-real-time-analysis-

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