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How to set-up Visual Studio Code to get started with react-native?

Abhishek zha
Building cross-platform native apps is my passion. I love working on the ideas.
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React-Native is a game changer when it comes to mobile-apps Development. You can use React-Native for modifying your existing android/ios or you can create a whole new app from scratch.
In this article I will teach you to set your developer environment with visual studio code which allows you to get started with react-native quickly. So, let's get started by following all the given steps.

STEP 1: Go to your command prompt

Open up your command terminal by simply searching for "command prompt" in your search bar. First of all you have to install the latest version for node( you have already installed, you can check that up by typing "node -v" in your command promt.

Alt Text
After you successfully confirmed your node installed, you can now further type in "npm i -g expo-cli"
Alt Text
This will install the expo command line interface(CLI) which hides alot of complexity while building the native apps.

STEP 2: Open up Visual Studio Code

Go to the terminal of vs code and type in "expo init your-project-name"

Alt Text
This will install all the necessary modules needed to build an react-native application.

STEP 3: Install NPM modules

Initialize package manager by typing in "npm init" and after that install the modules for npm by typing "npm install" and at last start your application with "npm start"


Now, everything is set-up and you can play around with react-native pretty much in no time.You can download android emulator
( and run your application on it.This is it :)

Thank you so much.

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