How to connect to AWS MySQL / MariaDB RDS or EC2 Database from MySQL WorkBench

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How to connect to AWS MySQL / MariaDB RDS or EC2 Database from MySQL WorkBench


In this article, we are going to explain how to connect to AWS MySQL/MariaDB RDS or MySQL/MariaDB database running inside an EC2 machine from MySQL Workbench. Workbench can be installed on your local laptop/desktop.

What is MySQL WorkBench

MySQL Workbench is an official graphical tool to manage the MySQL database. Using workbench you can take the backup, create database, user and grant role, monitor database health and many more other activities.

You can download it from www.mysql.com


RDS: Valid Endpoint name
EC2: Machine hostname /IP

MySQL DB Port: 3306 (Default)

Credentials: Username and Password of the database user

Network: VPC and security group setup to reach till database from outside over the Internet or using the AWS network if MySQL Workbench is installed inside the AWS infrastructure.

1. Open MySQL Workbench

2. Add new connection under ‘MySQL Connections‘ and click on ‘+‘

3. Enter connection details

HostName: xyz.est1.rds.amazonaws.com or Public IP of ec2/RDS endpoint.

Port: 3306


And hit ‘Test Connection’ once you see ‘successful message’ you are done.

Let me know if you see any issues or have any questions.

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