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150 Oracle DBA Interview Questions

150 Oracle DBA Interview Questions
I have listed 150 oracle dba interview questions. It also includes the Oracle Exadata, Linux, and AWS database Administration questions. It will be beneficial for Cloud DBAs. I know answers are missing but trust if I will give answers it will block your further reading. To get the answers at least you will read the oracle documentation and other information sources. It will help you develop concepts. If you not clear about any Question feel free to comment. I will reply as early as possible.

Describe Oracle database architecture?

What is SGA?
What is the logical and physical structure of the database?
What is pfile and spfile?
Can we create pfile from spfile or vise versa when the database is down?
What is the oracle background process?
What is the difference between pmon and smon?
What is instance recovery?
What is rollforward and rollback?
Describe all the database startup options? mount no-mount etc
What is Extents? How to calculate table, schema and database size? Give the SQL for each item?
What is an oracle tablespace? Can a datafile be a part of two tablespaces?
How many tablespaces can be created in a single database? what is the thumb rule?
What is undo and temp tablespace?
What is checkpointing?
What is checkpoint global?
Why do we need checkpointing?
Tell me about oracle memory buffers and parameters?
Why do we need a large pool?
List all the mandatory background process names?
Can we run multiple databases from a single Oracle database instance?
Can we create a Database from scripts without using DBCA?
Without an oracle listener can we connect to the database?
How to connect to the oracle database from a remote server?
Can we connect to the oracle database from remote server odbc.ini?
While oracle database software installation why do we need Linux packages or Linux?
What is the importance of RPM in oracle database software installation?
What is the environment variable file?
Can we connect to a database without sourcing the environment variable file? Explain both the ways with env. File and without?
What is the semaphore? Why do we need it?
How to limit the oracle instance memory utilization to a fixed size in the Linux server?
What is the difference between schema and user?
Why do we need an index?
What is the global index?
How to hide the index so that SQL execution should not pick it? What is a cost-based optimizer? How does it work? How you can get an explain plan for SQL? What is the profiler? How to create a profile for a SQL? What are the Histogram and buckets? What are the Hits? How to show only 2000 rows of a SQL output from a hint and what hit you will use?
What is partitioned index and tables?
Can we convert a normal table to a partitioned table?
How to track the table row insert, update and delete? Suggest away or auditing tool?
What is oracle Grid or an enterprise manager?
How to automate daily repeated tasks? give any server-side scripting language name and example of automation?
Can we do automation or trigger shell/python script from Oracle Grid?
What is the monitoring profile in the oracle gird?
How to take a backup of a table or data?
What is the Data Pump? How is it more powerful than traditional export-import?
Can we export only data without metadata from expdp?
If the database size is 4tb and want to take the backup from expdp. What is the imp parameter we should use to speed up the process and create the dump file in multiple pieces?
How to ignore the errors in impdp?
How to kill an expdp job?
Can we pause an expdp job?
How to determine the dump size in advance without running actual expdp?
What is the Oracle standby database?
Where do we use physical standby and logical standby?
What is a snapshot standby database?
Tell me a single Linux command to list all the listener and oracle database instances?
What is oratab, listener.ora, tnsnames.ora and parameter file?
What is the shutdown abort?
What is the downside of shutdown abort?
How to check open files from Linux prompt?
How to get the system process what is the view name? How to kill it including database session-id?

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