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In 2008 when I had to choose course for engineering I chose Information technology, and at that time I didn't knew anything about programming, my interaction with computer was almost zero because I lived in rural part of India. I chose IT just because I had read a lot in newspaper and TV that 21st century is going to be IT age, Also I was curious about how mobile phones work.

In my first year of engineering college I didn't did well in core IT subjects, I tried to change branch also, But in the end I decided to carry on started learning Java, HTML etc.

After graduation I didn't got job in programming field and realized I wasn't prepared for programming yet so I started learning web development from many tutorials and youtube video and I finally I got a job at a small startup, where I got to learn a lot and worked on some web application and games.

Now I think choosing IT in 2008 was best decision.

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