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How to ace your coding interview?

If you are a new coder who wants to get his/her dream coding job or a experienced coder who wants to upgrade his/her dream coding job, read on! This post will help you.

Coding interviews may seem like a daunting task at first but there is a method to this madness, I promise. Here are a few tips to ace your coding interview -

Leetcode. Leetcode. Leetcode

If you want a one stop shop for all commonly asked coding questions leetcode is your best bet. If you can invest on the premium version, it helps. But the free one covers a wide array of problem types. Most tech companies (FAANG) included ask a lot of problems that are similar to the ones on leetcode. So practice away!

Here is a video walkthrough to one of the most fundamental question types.

Think out aloud

Think out aloud
Most people assume that the coding interview is all about solving the problem, but nothing is further from the truth. Yes, it tests your problem solving skills but it is also a test of how well you are able to structure the solution and communicated it. Think about it - a large part of your role as developer is to structure the solution and communicate it with your peers!

Ask follow up questions

Most interviewers are impressed by inquisitive people. In a 45-60 minute interview session, the surest way to highlight your inquisitive side is to ask (relevant) questions about the problem at hand. It gives the interviewer the impression that you are trying to look at the problem holistically and covering all edge cases - all qualities of a great developer!

Most importantly, I want you all to appreciate the fact that you are qualified for your dream job! Technical interview expertise is an acquired trait which I am sure, we all can acquire if we put our minds to it.

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