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It has a very long time since I do not post any article on Dev.to. The reason behind was my own startup. Yes, startup!!!!
In this one, I'm going to tell everything like "How I got Idea for this startup? ", "How I reach my goal?" etc.etc.
First of all, I want to tell you about my startup "what it is all about??"
Basically, the name of my startup is "the Compactia". It's not more than an e-commerce website for tech products like DSLR/Digital Camera, Laptops, Mobiles, and their accessories. It sounds so simple and nothing looks interesting. Yes, I know that. Now you will be questioning how's my startup different from others and why anyone has to purchase from my website?
Then ladies and gentlemen answer is simple "Good quality products at lowest market value." "Free Fast and Secure Delivery All Overworld." "You can request any product which not listed on our website and we will provide you at the lowest market cost within 2-3 Days."

Due to the short time, I will explain everything in part. I want to make every article short and precise that's why I will explain other things in next articles.

Till that you can visit/can explore our website and suggest to me if have something to tell so that we can improve our service/website. The link is below

the Compactia

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Always thirsty to learn something new. If you know about me then some treat me as a mentor, some treat me as a career guider, others treat me as his/her colleagues and I treat myself as student & Dev.


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Congrats on the new initiative. More power to you.

This looks really interesting. How are you guys able to get almost 30%-50% reduced price on all the high end products? ie ₹ 65,087.99 instead of ₹ 109,900.00 for Iphone 11 Pro Max


Thanks @Harshit. The reason behind how we able to drop price can't reveal because behind a success of any business are few key points. If they reveal that then there will be no mean for his company. That's why.
But for now I only one thing can say it's about care they take care of my customers products when we make order and we take care of them when they get stuck at any point. That's all I can for now.


Fair enough. I guess, as you grow, you guys will have to figure out some solid answer to that question. Otherwise people will question authenticity of the products.

Good luck..!!

For now I just give a clue is that I have a group of supplier of different different countries and when I got order from my customers I just go to them who can provide products at lowest value. And also some time I have to scarifies with my profits i.e. some times instead of 2% of profit I just get around ₹1000 or ₹2000 rupees instead of ₹10000. So this startup is not about to gain profit. We are a group of college students and currently pursuing Bachelor of technology with Information Technology branch.
So due to this facing more problems related to funding specially.