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Hi Adam!
Generally these types of question person start asking with himself when he is in a confusion or get frustrated during learning and it's does meant your are. So Frankly you are just started as u said you are working as a front end now you are going deep in javascript. Then like others posted before e.g as in Enmanuel Marval comment you can follow a roadmap to get your dream that's a good thing. But wait for a minute and think what rating will give you if anyone said give the a rating from 0 to 10 then how many no will you are going to give HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT. And these number which you will give show your confidence level in that language.
Always be curious like if u visit a website a see something new and looks attractive then try to inspect with the help of google chrome and try to learn how is that thing code.
Learn google chrome's inspect option if you don't know how to use.

when you start feeling down then watch some fun or motivational videos that will helps more to gain confidence to start again with a positive energy .

Try to relate things to real world .
Try to make some application using html css jsp.
start contributing in open source.

here the link of channel of animated short films and motivational videos

Animated short films channel

motivation channel :

try to read articles in your interested topics on medium quora like websites.

And to become web developer visit these two sites

  1. free code camp
  2. the odin project

And don't feel you nothing i.e. You are in DEV community means you know something so always try to answer or try help others.

Hope this is enough and will helpful for you .

Good luck and happy coding!!


Hey, abhishekalbert!

Thank you very very much for the detailed explanation and the lots of resources you have given!

Now, I have a lot to work on!

I'll be back some months later with a new post, for now, thank you and see you in the comments somewhere here! :)

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